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Pastoral Services at Trinity


Funeral services


In the Episcopal Church, a funeral is a celebration of resurrection. This is  symbolized by the use of while for the alterr hangings and clergy vestments because the liturgy for the dead is an Easter liturgy. The message for Episcopalians is clear: because Jesus was raised from the dead, we, too, shall be raised. The Book of Common Prayer guides funeral service. Your Episcopal priest will be the best guide for helping you make the selections that are most meaningful and appropriate for the service for your loved one.
The Funeral Service
The intention is to create a worship service that is a celebration of the life of the departed and honor the grief and loss of those who mourn. The Book of Common Prayeroutlines this service and provides recommendations for readings and music. 

The funeral liturgy in the Episcopal Church service is centered around Eucharist.  The priest will deliver a homily that captures aspects of the departed’s life, but eulogies are reserved for a wake or receptions after the service. .
Music at the Funeral Ceremony
There may be music that is especially meaningful for the family and friends of the deceased; selections should be discussed with the priest. 
Readings from Scripture
During the service, there will normally be be a reading from the Old Testament, a psalm, a reading from the New Testament and a reading from the Gospel. Usually the lessons from the Old and New Testament be read by lay persons (family or friends). The Gospel will be read by the priest.
There are no special requirements concerning caskets for Episcopal services; The casket is to be closed before the service and it remains closed thereafter. It is appropriate that the casket or urn be covered by a pall or other suitable covering during the service.

Flowers at the Service
A casket spray may accompany the casket to and from the church but will be removed and replaced with a funeral pall before entering the church. Floral sprays and decorations sent by family and friends may be displayed.
Cremation is an acceptable practice within the Episcopal Church. The ashes should be in the church at the time of the service and are treated as the body would be. 
The Committal
The committal is the brief service, typically read as the body is committed to the grave or as the ashes are placed in their final resting place. If necessary or desired, all or part of the committal service may be said in the church. 
For more information on Episcopal Funeral Traditions, and the specific services please see The Book of Common Prayer. 



Marriage is one of the most exciting and important events in the lives of two individuals. Trinity is available for marriage between any two individuals who are legally able to marry in the state of Iowa and at least one of whom is a Christian. This includes same gender marriage.  If there has been a prior marriage, proof of divorce will need to be provided and the consent of the Bishop must be obtained. 

For more details, click the link below.  We would be happy to discuss wedding plans with you. 

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