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Who we are

Trinity Episcopal Church is a member of the Episcopal Church and part of the Diocese of Iowa.  The church is open to all seeking a faith to nourish them and welcomes all persons.  We believe that our baptismal covenant teaches us  to respect the dignity of every human being.  No one should be excluded from God's love. 


We respect Holy Scripture as the foundation of authority in the Episcopal Church but value tradition and reason.  We believe men and women are equal in the eyes of God and feel that our faith is enriched by the great diversity of humanity.  If you are old or young, single or partnered, gay or straight or in-between, immigrant or native born, other abled, English speaker or not, you are welcome at the table. 


Trinity has been a fixture in Carroll since 1884, serving God and the community.

History of Trinity

The church has its roots in the community of Carroll in  the late 1800's, with the building dating to 1884.  It is the oldest church building still in use by the same denomination. 



Diana Wright, priest.

I have been at Trinity since 2013.  I come from a background in medicine and am a retired endocrinologist.  I see the role of a physician and priest as often times the same: to listen and to serve. 

Kandis Henderson,  senior warden

George Towers, junior warden

Sheila Towers, treasurer and alter guild

Cathy Smith, alter guild

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